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Screen Comparison: Galaxy S3 vs. Nexus vs. Galaxy S2

Comparison of the Galaxy S3 vs. Galaxy Nexus vs. Galaxy S2 Screens. We zoom into the pixels and compare the PenTile displays vs SAMOLED Plus displays! By now you should already know that the brand-spanking-new Samsung Galaxy S III sports a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display. Thats right: no "plus" here, which means this 720p panel is featuring the same old PenTile RBGB pixel arrangement — just like the 4.65-inch version on the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S II HD LTE. Needless to say, this is again pure ammunition for the folks over at LG; but as weve mentioned before, HD Super AMOLEDs superb contrast and higher-than-before pixel density outweigh its shortcomings in most cases. For now though, lets examine these sub-pixels with a 230x zoom USB microscope and compare them with other phones that we have in hand. Starting off with the HTC One Xs 720p SLCD 2 above, you can see how its denser sub-pixels produce a finer picture, but ultimately its still behind HD Super AMOLED when it comes to contrast, especially with black. Read on for more comparisons Next up we take a look at the Galaxy Nexus. While the two share very similar contours and side profiles, the older phone has a 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display, while its new cousin has a 4.8-inch panel sporting the same technology. Naturally, the pixel density is slightly lower for the latter (as you can see above), but we barely noticed any difference with our own eyes during our quick hands-on. Judging by the microscopic <b>…<b>

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24 Responses to “Screen Comparison: Galaxy S3 vs. Nexus vs. Galaxy S2”

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  2. SashaLovesTasjaa says:

    I agree even experts won’t see any difference 

  3. SamWec2501 says:


  4. boyceavenue2578 says:

    Me too! I dont understand maybe their eyes is like a robotic to zoom in 10x more than normal human being!

  5. boyceavenue2578 says:

    I agree to you! like S2 & S3 AMOLED is consumes less energy! and gives vibrant colors compare to LCD and also compare AMOLED & LCD outside the house or building AMOLED is amazing! so Samsung Galaxy is a big advantage than any other LCD phones!

  6. Anerdi1 says:

    who cares? :P

  7. esaedvik says:

    Most won’t see the difference.

  8. esaedvik says:

    A 12Mpix camera would actually be a step back with a small sensor. Most of the pixels would be just noise.

  9. tigeracz says:

    1) samsung ‘s focusing on software ,not only crazy too much advance on Hardware like 2gb of ram ,12Mpx camera,etc. but make more stable and smarter 2) seeing its size and shape of red and green , seems like the last blaming from Galaxy nexus, using same HD pentile, most screen has issues on Redish or yellow-tint or even blue-tint, but for this S3 , its sub-pixel shape ; the blue one seems bigger and red smaller, which should solve the red-tint, and the over-saturate of its colors

  10. playinfinite says:

    Please refer to the many comments below, explaining what a pentile display is. I explained it along with other people. Thanks.

  11. alldrich4 says:

    Can somebody explain . What a pentile display is?

  12. playinfinite says:

    Check out the HTC One X, Acer Cloud mobile or the GS3…

  13. 1Tunisiano says:

    the galaxy note also uses a pentile display and for me it has the best display off all smartphones by far.

  14. phvbl says:

    it seems to be more difficult to do it with super amoled than with lcd displays, and they prefer amoled because it’s colors are a lot better than lcd and it consumes less energy.

  15. Yoyoyman999 says:

    Why the pentile annoying?? It does not annoying me…:D

  16. 87vortex87 says:

    Samsung will probably overcome this problem within 1 or 2 years because the machines needed for production are become more and more stable and able to work on smaller and smaller surfaces.

  17. 87vortex87 says:

    They choose pentile over RGB because of the production process. Samsung has the production process of pentile wafers under control. This means that they can produce the wafers (a large slice with numerous displays that need to be cut into smaller displays) with a acceptable number of defect/broken pixels per million. The problem with the RGB wafer in combination with AMOLED is that the LED’s are so small and the wafers thin, that they can’t reach acceptable levels of broken pixels per million.

  18. NaeemHussain10 says:

    does pen-tile mean, the whites will look kind of bluish,.

  19. 87vortex87 says:

    I myself have a GN (4,65 inch 720p pentile display), but can hardly see the pixels and I think that when you can’t make up the individual pixels it doesn’t matter whether it is a pentile or RGB matrix.

  20. vladlazlo says:

    So its another ‘fake’ hd display when we take the subpixels into consideration..
    They always leave behind some imperfections.. They could’ve definitely made a great phone without any flaws. The plastic form…the pentile display…the pixel density…
    I think they’re doing it on purpose..
    And yes no quad core US version…just like the One X..
    That means Acer cloudmobile would be a better choice when released..

  21. playinfinite says:

    Yea, that "plus" means pentile or not. If the phone does not have pentile, then Samsung calls it "Super Amoled (HD) Plus" (the HD is used of the screen res. is 720p or higher). If the phone is pentile, then Samsung calls it "Super Amoled (HD)".

  22. 06khank says:

    Not really ! The only draw back of those two phones are that, they don’t have SUPER AMOLED "PLUS" display.

  23. playinfinite says:

    What is FPM? But how did HTC do it with the LCD 2 display. The LCD 2 display on the One X is better than the GS3 (arguably), so why didnt samsung just opt for the LCD 2 display technology if they cant make it work with the Super Amoled?

  24. playinfinite says:

    Colour wise, ok, but in general the display on the GS3 & Nexus (even though they have pentile displays) are better than the S2. I know the pentile displays are really annoying, but due to the high pixel count, it makes it better than the S2.

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